Group work, Product design
About This Project

During my internship at Havas Lemz Amsterdam, an advertising agency, I developed this ‘Algae Farm’ for their client Longfonds. Their campaign is about ‘clean air’. Algae are plants that via photosyntesis absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) and give oxygen. It is estimated that algae produce 73 to 87 percent of the oxygen that is available to us. We went to LGem to see how they build algae farms with their unique wave system, where they produce algae for other purposes. I made multiple sketches but the best usage would be a bus stop / clean air cabine. While you wait for the bus, the algae would filter the air of the cars surrounding you and you would breath in fresh air. Meanwhile you read a bit of info about the algae farm and Longfonds. After a month or 2 the algae are harvested and used for other purposes such as healthpills.