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About This Project

THE EMOTIONAL ADVENTURES OF PUCK AND PEDRO. Expressions help us communicate with each other. Telling how we feel without even saying anything. Yet those micro expressions aren’t always that clear for everyone. People with autism, especially Aspergers, have trouble reading facial expressions and body behaviour of other people. Therefore they have issues in social situations. This is a new schoolmethod that helps children understand emotions, the environment, learn about situations and how to adapt. You are either Puck or Pedro and you discover the worlds of the emotions. The game is precautionary for kids at the age of 4 before they experience problems by the age of 8. It is important for every child to learn about emotions, but will give the autistic children extra support. The game is becoming more advanced through the school years. More emotions and games will come along. The characters grow with the children. The results are monitored by the teacher and the game is provided with a kit that makes role-playing in the classroom possible to practice the game in real life.