Join Hands, Rheumatism

Product design
About This Project

So, dit you know there are around 2 million people in Holland that suffer from a Rheumatic Disorder? Let me explain what Rheumatic Disorder means. Rheumatism is a chronic diseas affecting the joints and / or connective tissue. Causing pain and stiffness in your body. Most people think only elderly have Rheumatism, but actually 60% is younger than 65 years old. This is a healthy joint and these are the three most common forms of Rheumatism. Around 1.1 million patients have Arthritis Where the cartilage in the joint is damaged. Inflammatory Rheumatism where the auto immune system ignites. And the Soft Tissue Rheumatism where there is pain in the connective tissue around the joint. What can help is medication, therapy, an operation. But it can not be cured. The best solution is.. To keep moving! Exercises are effective for improving muscle strength, condition and daily functioning. Patients go to classes like swimming and yoga, but they need to continue moving while being at home! That is why I designed ‘Join Hands’. Join Hands are movement tools. To train the muscles in your hands, wrists and fingers. The tools come with an app. In the app you can schedule your training yourself or with help from your fysio. The app will explain how the exercise goes and counts down while you are doing it. The tools are designed in such a way that multiple exercises can be done. Starting with mobilization and going up to muscle strengthening. The tools are easy for the patient to hold and differ in stiffness, hardness or weight to make the exercises more difficult. To encourage, there is a coach talking to you. The app consists out of a Rheumatism community. You can add who ever you want. Together you can help, and encourage each other. And if everybody in your group does his or her exercises, you receive a nice drink at your gym together.