NITI, Adapted Compression Stocking

Product design
About This Project

These are smart compression stockings that emancipate wearers. The cost of compression stockings is high, because they wear fast and because putting them on and taking them off requires help. And needing a nurse twice a day limits people’s independence. NI▪TI is doubly emancipating: wearers no longer need assistance, and they can choose a pattern or colour they like. Out with generic brown, in with self-expression! The material used is a shape-retaining, durable Nickel Titanium, Nitinol. At room temperature, the stocking’s knit is wide, making it easy to slip on. Body temperature makes it shrink to fit the leg. Apply a coolpack to loosen it again and take it off”. Written by copywriter Wendy Lubberding. This project will be presented during the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven October 2018. This project is made possible by:



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